**Accepting applications for future openings**

Work at Gaia GPS

Working at Gaia GPS means you help build the best outdoor mapping software in the world. Your efforts directly help a community of record-breaking backpackers, world-renowned guides, conservation scientists, wildland firefighters, and more. Find Gaia GPS in the App Store, Google Play Store, and on gaiagps.com.

Join the Communications Team (and learn to code too)

As the 4th member of the “comm” team, you'll focus on supporting users via email, and writing technical and marketing docs. You'll also have a tangible opportunity to learn skills, such as coding, and expand your role in a company that is growing quickly, but organically.

The existing three members of the comm team have grown to take on multiple responsibilities - one does a lot of web development, one specializes in writing and video editing, and one has taken over as media/partnerships manager. Similarly, you'll have an opportunity to grow - you'll have work hours dedicated to learning to code, or something else outside of your day-to-day work.

The comm team also has a great deal of influence on the product roadmap, joining in product meetings, and working to keep a tight feedback loop between users and developers.

How the Job Starts

Your main responsibilities to start will include getting to know the Gaia GPS app, learning how to use the customer support platform, and answering customer questions via email.

You'll immediately jump into creative work too, like writing for blog.gaiagps.com and help.gaiagps.com. And you'll start doing coding tutorials to learn about coding for websites, and writing scripts in Python to get work done.


  • concise and powerful writer
  • interest in maps, GPS/technology, and nature all plusses
  • might have special skills in programming, design, finance, sales, or otherwise (let us know)

Also, please note the company is 100% remote - you should think about whether this will be a good setup for you. The advantages include huge flexibility in working hours, a quiet office, and the ability to work from home or wherever you like. The disadvantage is lack of physical society... we only get together a couple times a year, and this means finding physical society in local community and family.

Compensation and Benefits

  • starts at $15/hour 1099
  • ramp up quickly - get a raise after 3 months, full-time+benefits after 6, another raise after 1 year
  • work where and largely when you want
  • opportunity to learn programming and other tech on the job too

Full-time benefits include:

  • 4 weeks of vacation + 12 days of vacation you can shuffle around, plus 5 official sick days
  • comped cellular and home internet
  • maternity/paternity - 2 months/6 weeks
  • great computers/desks/chairs and other equipment provided
  • annual multi-day retreat with the team in a beautiful location
  • opportunities to go to conferences such as State of the Map and Outdoor Retailer

How to Apply

Send an email to jobs+comm@gaiagps.com. Include your resume or CV, and write a cover letter in just a paragraph or two, focusing 100% on why you want to work at Gaia GPS, and why you make the best candidate.

More about Us

Every member of the small, profitable, boot-strapped Gaia GPS team shares a love of the outdoors, and works remotely from places all over North America (CA, MT, ID, OR, TX, WI, Canada). Read more about the team here: https://www.gaiagps.com/company/

Multiple team members thru-hiked the longest trails in the US (PCT and AT), and the technical team is highly competent, founded by an ex-Googler. Fifty percent of the team is female, including the technical founder.

We collaborate via group chat, video calls, and Trello (project management).