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Featured (5/3/2018)
Gaia GPS™ Helps the World’s Adventure-Loving Couples Navigate Nature’s Hidden Gems
"When Anna and Andrew Johnson founded a trail search site, TrailBehind Inc., their main objective was to enjoy each other’s company and explore a shared passion for the outdoors. That led them to launch the app Gaia GPS during the dawn of mobile applications in 2009. "

Backroad Mapbooks (4/11/2018)
Backroad Mapbooks Canada Maps Now Available for GAIA GPS
"Backroad Mapbooks is pleased to announce that our industry-leading topographic maps for Canada are now available on the Gaia GPS app. Gaia is a user-friendly, versatile map application that combines dozens of map sources and overlays, allowing you to pick and choose which one is best for you."

Modern Forager (4/3/2018)
The Best GPS App for Mushroom Hunting: Gaia GPS
"As Modern Foragers, we rely heavily on GPS technology. It goes way beyond getting un-lost! We want to know where we are, were we are going, and how to get back to the car at anytime. "

National Geographic Maps (2/22/2018)
Gaia GPS - Stay Safer in the Woods
"Our Trails Illustrated maps are available in Gaia GPS, the leading navigation app. Use Gaia GPS to download maps when you don't have cell service, plan trips, and navigate out in the wild."

Outside (2/1/2018)
Your Smartphone Is a Great Adventure Tool
"I take two types of maps: a paper one (okay, plasticized paper) and a digital one downloaded and viewable offline in an app like Gaia GPS..."

The Meyer Life (1/26/2018)
Gaia GPS
"Gaia GPS is a great app that you can use right on your smartphone to track your hike, geotag photos, and provide you with wonderfully detailed maps, even when you are miles from cell reception."

PMags (11/21/2017)
Gear Review - Gaia GPS App
"The Gaia GPS suite has been an efficient way to let me use maps in the modern era. The extensive array of map layers available, the ease of making routes, the ability to import and sync up data points and tracks, and being able to print maps from the web-based software or the app itself has been beyond useful." (11/20/2017)
Bikepacking Gear That Lasts: A Gift Guide
"Sure, there are many free navigation apps on the market. But I consider Gaia GPS a bargain at $10 a year, given the range of maps that come included – including excellent topo maps for the US – the frequent updates, and the reliable platform. "

By Land Podcast (11/1/2017)
Mobile Navigation with Gaia GPS
"This episode is all about using your phone for navigation in the backcountry and about what Gaia GPS has to offer users. Ashli walks me through what features Gaia offers and how it all works. They've recently updated their software to offer even more features so it's even better than it was!"

Cool Tools (10/19/2017)
Gaia GPS Smartphone App
"As a wilderness navigation instructor (and former Forest Service ranger), I’ve tested over a dozen backcountry GPS apps, and for me Gaia comes out on top. I have used this app for about three years. It enables me to travel with increased confidence and safety in the back country when hiking and mountaineering."

goHUNT (9/13/2017)
The Challenges of Western Solo Hunting and How to Overcome Them
"I plan and plot my hunt strategy and backup hunt options using both topo and aerial photo analysis on Google Earth Pro, Gaia GPS and their mobile app."

National Geographic (7/11/2017)
13 Useful Apps for Off the Grid Adventures
"Plot your trail and gain access to topographic maps with Gaia GPS, a membership-based app that showcases the newest trails and backcountry routes."

Backpacker (5/11/2017)
The 10 Best Apps For the Outdoors
"If you’re a cartography nerd, Gaia is the app for you. Switch between satellite, USGS topo maps, cycling and road maps, National Park visitor maps—even century-old topos."

Business Insider (3/9/2017)
5 Must-have Apps For People Who Love The Outdoors
"Avid and amateur hikers alike would be wise to download this app before their next outing."

Outside (1/20/2017)
6 Apps That Make Skiing Better and Safer
"It tracks my distance and vert, but the app also allows me to download digital topo maps and set waypoints where the skiing is good or where I need to remember something like a slide path or terrain trap."

Macworld (6/1/2016)
Gaia GPS Helps You Find Your Way Anywhere, Even Offline
"Hikers and travelers will love how this app for iPhone and iPad makes it easy to download maps to your device."

Wired (4/13/2016)
Drone Lighting Brings Out the Desert’s Otherworldly Side
"Because cell service could be spotty at best, Wu dropped a pin in an app called Gaia GPS so he could return to the exact spot when dusk fell."

Wired (12/22/2015)
Survive Anything by Always Carrying These 13 Pieces of Gear
"GPS still works when the grid is down. Install Gaia GPS and download topographic or street maps for your area."

New York Times (5/24/2015)
Four Apps for Mapping Your Walking Routes
"Hikers, however, should check out Gaia GPS."

Science Friday (7/18/2014)
App Chats:Plugging In to The Outdoors
"You have to download the maps the night before...a couple of standard aps called Gaia GPS"

Wired (7/1/2013)
Wired Gear Recommendations (print only)
"Recommended items for summer camping"

Men's Health (3/25/2013)
Celebrity iPhones: Revealed!
"...and Gaia GPS for its topographical maps and routes."

Outside (3/1/2013)
What's the best mapping app?
"...getting topo maps into the phone is a bigger hassle than with Backcountry or Gaia."

Outside (7/1/2012)
The Best Outdoor Apps for the iPhone: Offline Topo Maps
"A very good alternate is Gaia GPS--Offline Topo Maps and GPS Tracker."

Mercury News (6/1/2012)
Apps for Hikers: Smartphones Find Their Place in the Great Outdoors
"I use Gaia GPS and like it the best."

USA Today (3/1/2012)
6 Essential iPhone Apps For Your Hike
"Gaia GPS is an app designed specifically for backcountry hikers who like to travel off the beaten path."

NY Times Blog (7/1/2011)
New Google Maps for Android Allows Offline Mapping
"Gaia GPS, available for both Android and iPhone, focuses on providing topographical maps to hikers."

Wired UK (5/1/2011)
Field Test: Motorola Xoom vs Apple iPad 2, 3,500 feet up in the Swiss Alps
"Gaia GPS proved the best app for both platforms..."

Forbes (7/1/2010)
iPad as The Ultimate Navigation Tool
"On a recent cross-country trip he opted to use his iPad for trail and road navigation instead of a $300 handheld GPS device."


CNN Money (10/1/2010)
I started a business in paradise!
"Andrew Johnson was living in San Francisco working at a startup, and his fiancee, Anna Hentzel, was at Google, when they had an idea for a website that would help people find great places to hike. So they quit their jobs to start it."

CMU Today (4/1/2010)
Andrew Johnson and Anna Hentzel
"Combining their backgrounds in business, programming, and Web development, they have created a company for outdoor adventurers like themselves."

CMU Tartan (11/1/2008)
Facebook gives CMU hikers $25,000
"Johnson and Hentzel are both avid hikers with computer programming backgrounds." (9/1/2008)
Modern Day Cartography
"TrailBehind is working to create complete - and free - maps of wilderness areas by aggregating existing Internet data with new trail information uploaded from site users."

International (8/15/2016)
Gaia GPS, l’app per non perdersi nei boschi
"La cartografia scarseggia nei boschi, luoghi desertici e in alcune zone del mondo. Come fare in questi casi? Esistono dei servizi nati ad hoc per chi ama fare escursioni e gite fuori porta. Gaia GPS è uno di questi." (8/12/2016)
Gaia GPS, il tool su smartphone per viaggi e trekking in aree selvagge
"Gaia GPS è un tool molto completo e professionale, disponibile per iOS e Android, ma fruibile anche su PC e Mac da browser, che permette di pianificare viaggi e facilitare l’esplorazione di terre selvagge."

Other Apps

ActiveCaptain (8/1/2013)
Skipper, new app for iOS
"...perhaps the most internet-savvy of the serious chart-plotting apps."

The Triton (5/1/2012)
App helps avoid right whales
"A new iPad and iPhone application helps to warn mariners of locations of endangered North Atlantic right whales in an effort to avoid collisions."

Care2 (4/1/2012)
New App Could Help Save Endangered Whales
"This technology is allowing right whales to use their own voices to let people know where they are."

Barnstable-Hyannis Patch (4/1/2012)
Made on Cape Cod: Whale Alert iPad App
"After years of planning and research, the International Fund for Animal Welfare is using mobile technology to protect whales."

Roll Call (4/1/2012)
Ramage: Saving the Whales? There's an App for That
" The Whale Alert app is a runaway hit; not just for mariners but for concerned citizens from Cape Cod to California who want to learn more about whales and how we can all help protect them."

CNN (4/1/2012)
Save the whales? There's an app for that
"A new iPhone app is making waves in the commercial shipping world by providing an early warning system that aims to reduce maritime collisions with endangered whales."

X-Ray Mag (4/1/2012)
App lets you track whales of the US East Coast
"The new application absorbs scientific data on whales as they traverse the offshore waters and plots their general location on an easy-to-read nautical map."

Global Animal (4/1/2012)
An App To Avoid Whale Traffic
"There's an app for pretty much everything, and now you can add saving endangered whales to the list!"

US Harbors (4/1/2012)
Avoiding Whale Strikes? There's an App For That
"Whale Alert is a slick new app for iPhone and iPad that records right whale sightings and triggers all sorts of alerts on your mobile device."

The World (4/1/2012)
Whale Alert: A New Smart App to Save Endangered Whales
"We've now created a device that makes it very easy for mariners to let them know of all the different things that are required of them to promote right whale conservation."

Sail Magazine (4/1/2012)
Whales Go Digital: New Whale Alert iPad App
"The product is a reflection of how important collaboration and technology are to real progress. "

Whaling Museum (4/1/2012)
"Whale Alert" app Available to Mariners
"This is a clever, well-thought method to protect a species with a population number hovering between 450-500 individuals."

Taipei Times (4/1/2012)
App designed to save right whales from ship collisions
"Whale Alert aims to make it easier for navigators to be aware of the various whale restrictions."

Red Orbit (4/1/2012)
NOAA Releases Whale-Locating App for iPhone and iPad
"Piloting a ship and trying to avoid colliding with a group of endangered whales? There's an app for that."

Belfast Telegraph (4/1/2012)
Mariners' app 'can save the whale'
"The Whale Alert app takes information from underwater microphones to locate the whales in real time, which helps ships in New England waters avoid the species' estimated 550 remaining whales."

Panbo (4/1/2012)
Whale Alert, an App With a Mission
"It's not just that this app might actually save the lives of some rare right whales--which would be wonderful--but it also demonstrates how mobile devices can be a critical integration tool between mariners and various governmental and nonprofit agencies."

Fox News (4/1/2012)
App aims to spare whales from ships in Atlantic
"If you don't want [Whale Alert], you've got problems...No one on a ship wants to hit anything in the water, whale or otherwise.'"

Forbes (4/1/2012)
iPad app helps mariners save endangered right whales
"Rick Nolan, the owner of Boston Harbor Cruises, which runs whale watching trips, had an iPad installed on one of his boats three weeks ago. 'It's terrific real time information relative to where the whales are in the area.'"

Huffington Post (4/1/2012)
Saving Whales: Now There's an App for That
"This new technology will not only save mariners time and hassle, it will save right whales lives. The positive implications for marine mammal conservation are huge."

The Bost Channel - WCVB (4/1/2012)
New App Helps Boaters Avoid Endangered Whales
"Whale Alert represents an innovative collaboration to protect this critically endangered species."

International Business Times (4/1/2012)
New iPhone App: Mariners Can Get Whale Alerts Now
"The latest Whale Alert app is designed to reduce the probability of ships colliding with the endangered right whales which can kill them."

BostInno (4/1/2012)
Save the Whales! New App Helps Ships Avoid Endangered Whales
"While we all love a good whale-sighting now and then, sometimes, those whales need their privacy, too, especially when they're on the verge of extinction."

The Boston Globe (4/1/2012)
App keeps whales, ships safely apart
"The app is 'about connecting whales and ship captains.'"

ABC 7 News (4/1/2012)
New iPad app will help mariners avert right whale collisions
"One features links near real-time acoustic buoys that listen for right whale calls to the mobile devices."

Reuters (4/1/2012)
Endangered Right Whale Protection Goes High-Tech
"Efforts to protect the North Atlantic right whale have gone high-tech with the creation of an iPad/iPhone application"

Wired (4/1/2012)
New iOS App Helps Ship Captains Avoid Whale Collisions
"Whale Alerts, a new iOS app released today, is designed to help mariners avoid collisions with endangered North Atlantic right whales by displaying whale locations on a real-time, digital map. "

BoingBoing (4/1/2012)
Saving the whales? Now there's an app for that, too.
"An interesting new iOS app launched today called Whale Alert."

Environmental Monitor (4/1/2012)
Whale Alert app helps save the right whale
"Boaters in the Atlantic Ocean can trade in their binoculars for an iPhone: a new app can show them where endangered right whales could be located--areas to avoid."

CNET (4/1/2012)
New iPad app could help save endangered whales at sea
"You might not think that an iPad could help save whales, but that's just what an app released today is designed to do. "

Chronicle Online (4/1/2012)
New app signals that endangered whales are nearby
"A whale of an app is about to make a splash on iPhones and iPads, providing a hand-held tool for those who need to know if right whales are swimming through their shipping lanes and what to do in such an event."

National Geographic (4/1/2012)
Weird & Wild: New App Tacks Rare Whales With iPhone and iPad
"Talk about the call of the wild--you can now track rare North Atlantic right whales with a new iPhone and iPad app."

Boating Local (4/1/2012)
New Right Whale Alert App to be Unveiled
"The app is being offered free to the public to enhance conservation of critically endangered whales along the East Coast using today's web and mobile communications technologies."

Cape Cod Times (4/1/2012)
New app helps mariners steer clear of whales
"The app allows mariners in the Boston area, specifically, to obtain nearly real-time information about unexpected congregations of right whales outside the seasonal management areas. "

Ocean Navigator (1/1/2012)
Whale Alert
"Whale Alert makes participation in right whale conservation easy for the maritime community by providing depictions of active right whale management and required reporting areas. "

The Independent (8/1/2011)
The apps agenda: Burning Man, IFA
"The Burning Man festival is an experiment in temporary community dedicated to self-expression and participation."

TechCrunch (4/1/2011)
EFB For iPad: Will Your Pilot Be Using This In 2012?
"'s an actual tool for pilots that could easily be used by commercial airlines in the next couple years"

Fast Company (8/1/2010)
Burning Man Gets Its Own iPhone App
"Now there's no way you'll miss the nuclear-powered vodka party at the Siberian Electric Company camp!"

Gizmodo (8/1/2010)
What Spaced-Out Burning Man Revelers All Need: an iPhone App
"While I've never done the dropped-acid-and-burnt-wicker-men-alive thing..."

More Gaia GPS News

100 Summits (7/31/2018)
Backpacking in the La Garita Wilderness Area - Climbing San Luis Peak and Stewart Peak
"As always, you can see and download my full route and GPS tracks over on the incredible app, Gaia GPS, which I use on my iPhone to plan, track, and follow my routes on these trips. It is absolutely invaluable and worth every cent. I personally love that you have full access to all USGS topo maps and National Geographic Trails Illustrated maps as well. "

y2kemo (7/30/2018)
Backpacking Shenandoah National Park: Patches of Blue
"Using GAIA GPS, Coop mapped out a couple different options before we settled on a route that spanned ~32 miles with ~10,000′ of gain over 4 days with an optional 8-mile dayhike for good measure."

Adventure with Danan (7/25/2018)
Trans America Trail 03 – How we navigated the TAT
"Gaia GPS is an application for smart phones that you can use for navigation whether you have cell service or not. You can run it on airplane mode if you want to conserve on battery"

Kate + Ben (7/22/2018)
How to plan an overnight hike in the Drakensberg mountains
" It’s easy to get lost. Download the Gaia GPS app on your phone. It’s a peer-sourced hiking map. Most of the main routes in the Berg are marked on it. "

Outside (7/12/2018)
The Best Gear for Adventure Running
"Gaia GPS steps in where a paper map stops. “There are trails on Gaia that aren’t on other maps,” Borsuk says. She uses the app to track her mileage and drop waypoints along her route. "

Back O' Beyond (7/9/2018)
Manning Camp Arizona Backpacking Guide
"Manning Camp is a 6-site backcountry campground in Saguaro National Park. It features Manning Cabin, a structure that was originally built in 1905 by Levi H. Manning. "

Outside (7/5/2018)
The Best Map Apps for Navigating the Wilderness
"Gaia GPS allows you to set waypoints and routes, as well as upload courses and record your travels."

Renee Roaming (7/5/2018)
Get Outside: A Beginners Guide to Hiking
"Don’t get lost! Having basic navigation skills will really help you out on the trail. I personally love using apps such as Gaia GPS to ensure I know where I am going, but physical maps and a compass also do the trick (if you know how to properly use them)."

14Skiers (7/3/2018)
Best Apps for Navigation while Mountain Biking
"Gaia is a pure GPS-style app that can be used for nearly any form of travel, not just mountain biking. This means that, similar to a traditional GPS, you’re basically looking at your location on a USGS topographic map, or some other similar map. "

My Itchy Travel Feet (7/2/2018)
The Best Hiking Apps for Boomer Hikers
"Gaia GPS Hiking Maps, Hike App is the perfect resource for outdoor nature lovers because it offers up-to-date topographic maps, satellite imagery, and road maps of many of our national parks. "

Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine (6/28/2018)
Trail Tech: 5 Apps to Plan Your Next Hike
"I recently stumbled upon Gaia GPS and it’s a nifty little GPS app with a lot of features. In such a simple package, they have an overwhelmingly detailed mapping/navigation app. "

Amy Sallie (6/27/2018)
3 Offline Android Apps for Hikers That Can Save Your Life
"Gaia GPS is a hiker’s best friend. It’s one of the best navigation apps I’ve seen and has a great catalogue of trails."

Alex Roddie (6/21/2018)
Electronics for lightweight and ultralight backpacking
"For trips abroad, I use Gaia GPS."

The Outbound Collective (6/14/2018)
SOS: Personal Locator Beacons vs. Satellite Messengers
"After spending decades hiking on trails, climbing mountains, rafting in rivers and being humbled by Mother Nature, I finally took the plunge to start researching personal locator beacons and satellite messengers."

Griots Republic (6/5/2018)
Long Walks in the Woods | Backpacking Trip Preparations
"Most people have one of two responses to the idea of a backpacking trip. Some feel intrigued, a yearning that comes from either sensing or knowing the serenity that comes of moving under your own power, marveling at nature’s beauty, and sleeping under the stars."

HIKEFORPOW(DER) (6/4/2018)
GPS Navigation Aapps: Gaia GPS vs BackCountry Navigator PRO
"If you spend much time in the backcountry, you have probably considered getting an app with GPS tracking and topographic maps. Nothing can replace paper maps in terms of reliability (as long as you keep them dry), but GPS apps have come a long way. "

HughesNet (5/30/2018)
June 2 is National Trails Day: Use These Tools to Help You Find New Paths
"June is the perfect time across the U.S. to get out and enjoy the last of mild spring weather before the summer heat kicks in."

GPS Pathfinder (5/23/2018)
GPS Apps for Hiking
"No one can overlook the importance of smartphones and GPS apps in the contemporary era. Whether you are driving to a location for the first time or monitoring your child’s movements to and from school, GPS tracking devices and apps have become a part of our life."

Bearfoot Theory (5/17/2018)
The Best Trail Finder Apps and Websites for Discovering Local Hikes
"If planning your next hike doesn’t involve being surrounded by a sea of unfolded maps, then chances are good that it does involve a smartphone. Today, some of the best ways to find an epic trail are through trail finding apps and websites that crowdsource important information from users who are just as passionate about the outdoors as you are."

SOutdoors (5/17/2018)
10 Best Hiking Apps 2018 (IOS and Android)
"Hiking apps help you find your way as you walk through the wilderness. If you happen to hike in an unfamiliar area, you don’t have to feel lost and confused when you use one of the best hiking apps available."

My Alaskan Odyssey (5/16/2018)
I’m Making This Up as I Go: The Emma Walker Training Method
"Since last week’s post, a couple of people have asked me how I went about training for a 50k. "

WaterLily (5/16/2018)
Not Just For Calling - Should You Bring Your Cell Phone Camping?
"However, it’s hard to ignore just how useful your smartphone can be during these times. Having one in your pocket is almost like having a digital Swiss-army knife. "

OutdoorX4 Magazine (5/15/2018)
GPS Off-Road Navigation
"An overview of GPS units and GPS apps for your next off-pavement adventure."

Hiking the JMT (5/12/2018)
Books, Maps, and Apps
"Gaia GPS is another popular option for using GPS on the trail."

we are cycling UK (5/11/2018)
Great Rides: Australia's rocks, crocs and waterfalls
"With dirt roads and temperatures around 40°C, Australia’s Top End isn’t an easy place to tour – but Matthew Crompton loved it."

Rallye GPS (5/11/2018)
Best Hiking Apps to Plan, Navigate and Enjoy
"Apps are renovating the world, especially in expedition and exploration. Your best companion is your smartphone during your trip."

John Peltier (5/9/2018)
Gaia GPS Announces National Geographic Long Distance Trail Maps
"Gaia GPS has included National Geographic recreation maps as one of their map layer options for a while. They’re great maps for using in National Parks, Wilderness, and other recreation areas. "

Girl on a Hike (5/7/2018)
Hiking to Bowington Arch
"Bowington Arch is located in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument (GSENM) near the town of Escalante, UT. It's an easy hike that crosses the Escalante River several times, and therefore it's important to wear water shoes."

third coast review (4/27/2018)
Eight Spring Apps to Help You Get Fit and Enjoy The Outdoors
"As per usual in this digital world we live in, there’s apps that can help you with that, so we picked 8 of our favorite apps for enjoying the great outdoors and getting fit this spring. "

Bearfoot Theory (4/25/2018)
Best John Muir Trail Planning Tools, Books & Resources
"The process of planning a JMT thru-hike can seem daunting at first, but there are plenty of John Muir Trail planning tools, books, and resources to support your goal of thru-hiking the JMT."

Halfmile's PCT Maps (4/17/2018)
Notice to Hikers: Halfmile Smartphone Apps Will Not Be Updated For 2018
"We have come to the unfortunate conclusion that the Halfmile Android and iPhone Apps will not be updated for the 2018 hiking season due to other commitments and lack of available time."

Section Hiker (4/17/2018)
GPS-Enabled Trail Guide Apps vs General Purpose GPS Navigation Apps
"Phone-based navigation apps like Gaia GPS, ViewRanger, and Backcountry Navigator are an incredible value compared to the old-school GPS-units sold by Garmin because they include a wide variety of highly detailed maps for free."

Effortless Outdoors (4/16/2018)
3 Excellent Alternatives to Trimble Outdoors Apps
"When Trimble Outdoors closed its doors in 2016, you may have been left feeling disappointed, and perhaps even lost. Their reliable products for hiking, hunting, and fishing were go-to options for many outdoor enthusiasts and so if you enjoy the outdoors, there’s a good chance you used one or more of their apps at some point."

Outdoor Gear Lab (4/13/2018)
Cheap Motorcycle GPS - How to Make One Using an iPhone for Under $150
"What is the best motorcycle mount for you iPhone? Here is how to make an effective GPS replacement for your bike or motorcycle for under $100. For most people, an iPhone (or Android phone) will work like as GPS. "

Girl on a Hike (4/9/2018)
Hiking Sulphur Creek, Capitol Reef National Park
"There are no signs for Sulphur Creek, so it's a good idea to have a map or GPS handy. I use Gaia GPS for all my map needs and tracking. "

Clever Hiker (4/5/2018)
Reflection Canyon Backpacking Guide
"A place made iconic by a National Geographic photographer (and subsequently a screen saver), Reflection Canyon, located on the Escalante arm of Lake Powell, perennially entices hikers far and wide. "

Blog Fly Fish (4/5/2018)
Herring Run Tactics
"Spring is here, and, any day now, herring will start showing up in their spawning runs."

The Outbound (4/4/2018)
The Best Women’s Gear for Seattle Peak Bagging
"Must-have gear for tackling local mountains in shoulder season"

Gear Junkie (4/3/2018)
12 Things You Don’t Learn in a Level 1 Avalanche Course
"A beginner’s avalanche course is critical for backcountry ski safety, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here, AIARE instructor Jason Maurer detailed 12 critical skills you won’t learn in an introductory class."

Osprey (4/2/2018)
Beyond Trails Atacama: 5 Challenges of Planning an International Bikepacking Trip
"Planning an unguided, international bikepacking adventure to the Atacama desert of northern Chile was an exciting undertaking. "

National Geographic (3/31/2018)
You Can Walk Through Wildflowers and Help Save the World
"Volunteers navigate to specific areas of study using maps and apps such as Gaia GPS."

My Itchy Travel Feet (3/28/2018)
The Best National Park Apps for Boomer Travel
"Gaia GPS Hiking Maps, Hike App is the perfect resource for outdoor nature lovers because it offers up-to-date topographic maps, satellite imagery, and road maps of many of our national parks. "

REI Co-op Journal (3/15/2018)
The 8 Best Hiking Apps You Need to Download Now
"We believe in the power of the outdoors—which usually means putting your phone down and getting out there. But sometimes, your smartphone is your window into a better time in the wild. "

Clever Hiker (3/7/2018)
Zion Narrows Top Down Backpacking Guide
"We use Gaia GPS for on-trail navigation on most of our backpacking trips. We always bring a topo map and compass, but Gaia is an excellent tool in the field. "

Scout of Mind (3/5/2018)
Mojave Road – 147 Miles of History
"An off-road trip through the Mojave Road National Preserve. "

Every Two Pines (2/28/2018)
Avalanche Awareness for Beginners
"I love spending time in the mountains in the winter. Without getting into the backcountry at least twice a month, I would not make it through Seattle’s dreary dark season. "

Awesome Stuff 365 (2/21/2018)
12 Awesome Camping Apps For Campers And Outdoor Enthusiasts!
"Modern smartphones are amazing pieces of technology. There’s a good chance you’re already bringing it along on most of your trips outside, so why not harness your cell phone’s full potential with some cool camping apps."

4X Overland Adventures (2/16/2018)
MVUM Map Layer Now Available in Gaia GPS Premium
"Great news the MVUM map layer is now available to all premium subscribers. It is available in the cloud application and the iOS and Android apps. MVUM maps are the "law of the land" when it comes to legal access to the national forests which have them."

4X Overland Adventures (2/16/2018)
Our Navigation App of Choice – Gaia GPS
"Most of us in the 4XOA family run Apple devices. This review is geared towards the iOS version of Gaia GPS but there is also an Android version available."

A Bird Hunter's Thoughts (2/12/2018)
Gear Review: Gaia GPS. A New and Possibly Better Hunting/Hiking Maps App
"I snapped Gaia GPS up and used it (hunted with it) in South Dakota, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Arizona. In addition, I tested it (called up areas I hunt in these states from the comfort of my living room) in Michigan, Texas, Oregon, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Florida. "

Rock Chuck Summit (2/5/2018)
Gaia GPS – Mobile Phone Mapping & GPS Tracking
"Over the years I have collected a pile of GPS devices – from TomTom’s that once ruled the vehicle GPS market to an army of apps and add-ons like Google Maps, Apple Maps and other tools for my mobile phone. Today, I’m happy to say that I’ve come to love, appreciate and embrace everything about Gaia GPS."

Nature Photo Guides (1/22/2018)
Gaia GPS: One of Our favorite Apps for Nature Photography
"This trip reminded me how much I depend on a single app for my nature and landscape photography: Gaia GPS."

Rokslide (1/1/2018)
Rokstaff Moderators Top Gear Picks for 2017
"Matt Cashell at Rokslide listed Gaia GPS in his Rokstaff Moderators Top Gear Picks for 2017."

John Peltier (12/22/2017)
Camera Bag Essentials for the Outdoor Photographer
"Record all of your tracks with Gaia GPS and then use that track to geotag your photos in Lightroom later."

The Radavist (12/12/2017)
12 Pieces of Gear I Wouldn't Go Without in the Andes
"Definitely my favorite of the GPS apps that I’ve tried out. It’s simple to map routes out and send them to the phone, plus there are a variety of map overlays to pick from. This has fully replaced my standard Garmin-style setup for mapping purposes, and allows for more flexibility in switching up my route while I’m already out in the middle of nowhere."

South Dakota Magazine (11/1/2017)
Badlands South: Corner-to-Corner
"We brought the basic camping supplies: 4 liters of water, a map and an iPhone 6S with the Gaia GPS app. With an annual membership you get access to National Geographic Trails Illustrated maps of public lands. "

UK Hill Walking (10/4/2017)
SKILLS: Modernise Your Navigation
"For trek planning abroad, Gaia is worth serious consideration – I've found it excellent."

Clever Hiker (7/31/2017)
Summer Backpacking Gear Favorites 2017
"The newly updated Gaia GPS phone app is an exceptional backpacking innovation. It’s like having Google Maps in the wilderness, with no cell reception required."

Cult of Mac (7/20/2017)
Great Travel Apps to Make Your Trip Easy and Fun
"Gaia GPS will then show the route on the map of your choice (and there are a lot of maps), as well as giving you all kinds of information about the surrounding terrain. You can also record waypoints to log a new route." (6/9/2017)
Summer 2017 Texas Trends
"Gaia GPS resets the standard for outdoor navigation, with fast vector maps, comprehensive park/trail search and a thoughtful user interface to make navigating the backcountry simple. "

Adventure Alan (5/22/2017)
Huge Improvements to Next Gen Gaia GPS Hiking App
"It’s no mystery that Gaia GPS is the best hiking navigation App. But the Next Gen GAIA GPS Hiking App is vastly improved. The new maps are stunningly sharp and legible. It is much faster, and easier to use. And possibly the best feature of Next Gen GAIA GPS is the full line of National Geographic Trails Illustrated Maps."

Adventure Journal (4/18/2017)
These Outdoor Apps Are Actually Worth Downloading
"An ideal tool for any backcountry traveler, Gaia GPS seamlessly blends utility—topographical maps that allow you to plan and track routes—with the ever-present desire to “claim it.”"

NickerNews (3/28/2017)
Fun and Easy Trekking with GAIA
"Of all the phone application options for trail and backcountry riders, the map app, GAIA GPS, has been the most referenced by horse riders I meet. They love it and use it religiously for their afternoon or weeklong adventures."

The Outbound (3/22/2017)
The Ultimate Gear Guide For Backcountry Hut Trips
"I use GaiaGPS for all my adventures and route planning. Using it on a trip this year allowed me to follow my planned path safely in a white-out up to Fowler-Hilliard Hut."

CreditDonkey (3/13/2017)
Best Outdoor Apps 2017
"Anyone planning a hike, ride, or trek should check out this useful app for its detailed maps and planning features."

HikingGuy (2/6/2017)
The Modern Hiking Essentials
"Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, and they generally have everything you need in them for a portable GPS device. Be sure to download offline maps that work without a data connection. I recommend the GAIA GPS app, it’s worked well for me." (1/23/2017)
How to use CalTopo & the Gaia GPS App to Plan your Backcountry Skiing Routes
"The Gaia GPS App is a game-changer. Now, you can have an app on your smart phone that works nearly 100 times better than any other GPS you’ve ever owned."

Hollywood Vine Group (1/23/2017)
Hiking in the Digital Age
"Gaia offers topo and satellite views that can be downloaded offline. My favorite part is creating a route on my account that I can then save onto my iPhone and put to work in the field."

National Forest Foundation (1/17/2017)
There's an App for That
"Added bonus, many of the apps track elevation gain and loss and a host of other useful metrics. My favorite is Gaia."

The Splitboard Blog (12/19/2016)
GaiaPro - Maximize Your Days Splitboarding
"I find it’s an absolutely invaluable tool to use in the backcountry, from staying safe, exploring a new area, and to finding that little secret stash."

Shower Pouch (12/11/2016)
The General Do’s and Don’t For Your First Offroading Trip
"Gaia GPS integrates the best topo maps, offline navigation tools and planning features."

Doing Miles (12/7/2016)
Techniques- iPhone Apps
"Gaia GPS has emerged as hands-down the best general purpose map app for hikers. The app is mature and not buggy, and the customer support is top-notch."

Mark Smiley (11/25/2016)
Get Lost, Never Again
"This versatile knowledge will make route finding on your next adventure a piece of cake. " (11/25/2016)
Gaia GPS: Not Your Average Smart Phone GPS App
"If you are a map geek, just want a back up, or need a GPS and already have a phone..."

Cloudbase Mayhem (11/22/2016)
Behind The Scenes- Preparing for Red Bull X-Alps
"Gaia’s excellent topographic maps now also include “snap to trail” features that come in really handy in Europe where there are trails everywhere."

Backcountry Access (11/20/2016)
Why to Use a GPS App (Like Gaia) While Backcountry Skiing
"If I am able, I always take a traditional map and compass as well as my phone with the Gaia application loaded into it. I love it when I can read the map and see on the Gaia application where I am and how close I am to my chosen route. "

Gear Junkie (10/11/2016)
Unexpected Gear Of Mountain Pro Andrew Skurka
"With an app like Gaia GPS, I give my smartphone the same functionality as a conventional GPS unit."

Manchester Evening News (8/20/2016)
Five apps to help you get the most from the great outdoors
"I’m not kidding when I say Gaia GPS might save your life one day. It works offline, so doesn’t mind how wild you get. It will get you home, whatever the weather."

Safeco (7/27/2016)
5 Apps and Products Outdoor Enthusiasts Will Love
"Rated one of the top outdoor map apps by iTunes users, Gaia GPS helps explorers navigate remote parts of the world."

Cloudbase Mayhem (7/14/2016)
Pounding Gear- A look at what we carried in Alaska
"For mapping we decided on the POWERFUL Gaia GPS pro app, the only topographic mapping app I really trust and my go-to for everything I do in the backcountry (we’re even hopefully going to use this app for the next X-Alps!)"

Adventure Alan (7/11/2016)
Best Lightweight Backpacking Electronics Gear
"In almost every way a smartphone running GAIA is superior to traditional mapping GPS units such as the Garmin."

Adventure Alan (7/11/2016)
How to use the iPhone as a GPS mapping device for backpacking
"Newly updated for summer 2016."

Hiking GPS Zone (6/17/2016)
Hiking GPS for iPhone
"Gaia GPS is considered one of the best outdoor mapping apps in the Apple App Store and lauded in various publications because of its capability. " (6/16/2016)
The Complete Route Planning Guide: Out of the Ether
"As discussed in our Using a Smart Phone as a GPS feature, Gaia is one our favourite navigational apps. Those who use it can also access a web version that features all the same basemaps."

Gluecks Post (6/14/2016)
Apps For Wandering
"stellt dafür aber auch exaktes Kartenmaterial zur Verfügung, das auch ohne Internetverbindung nutzbar ist..."

Paste Magazine (6/10/2016)
The 10 Best Hiking Apps for iOS
"Gaia GPS offers an encyclopaedic style wealth of maps. That includes the best government topographical maps for the U.S. and Canada, as well as worldwide road, aerial and topographical maps."

Grind TV (6/2/2016)
These 10 Apps Will Enhance Your Hiking Life
"Gaia GPS’s government quality downloadable topographic, street and aerial maps of locations all over the globe and vectorized worldwide topographic map are indispensable to hardcore trekkers."

Overland Adventures (5/26/2016)
Our Navigation App of Choice – Gaia GPS
"Gaia GPS is one of the best applications for creating, following, importing, and exporting GPS tracks and waypoints, period." (5/18/2016)
Using Your Smartphone as a GPS Unit
"Did you know your smartphone is a powerful navigational tool, whether you have cell service or not? Download an app and the world is literally at your fingertips."

Base Medical (5/11/2016)
Guide's Pack: Mt. Shasta
"Gaia has become a tool I use on a regular basis. I see no need to carry a separate GPS unit anymore. It does everything my regular GPS device does and then some with a more user friendly interface."

Idaho Adventure Motorcycle Club (5/1/2016)
Gaia GPS and Off-road Motorcycling
"Gaia has many maps to choose from. You can review them while your device is online, then touch a button to download any you want for offline use on your ride. "

Billings Gazette (4/8/2016)
Old Navigation Technology Needs Updating
"Easy-to-use apps, such as Gaia GPS, combined with worldwide free maps, really seal the deal."

SCTimes (3/11/2016)
Here Are Apps That Can Improve Your Outdoor Adventure
"The Gaia GPS app was recommended by hikers who wanted the option of using maps offline, one of its biggest selling points. This trail app offers a variety of map views, including topographical, city street, hiking and river maps."

Expert Vagabond (2/29/2016)
How To Use Your iPhone GPS For Hiking In The Wilderness
"Why spend hundreds of dollars on a dedicated GPS device for hiking when you can get the same functionality with an app for your smartphone?"

Mazama Magazine (2/26/2016)
Gaia App: Viable GPS Replacement?
"Most climbers already carry their phone. Why not add one more navigation tool that doesn’t weigh anything, takes maybe 30 minutes to learn, and might just really save the day sometime?"

The Mountaineers (1/4/2016)
How To: Pick an Altimeter
"Add Gaia GPS and have a world-class navigation tool in your pocket."

Enlightened Equipment (12/8/2015)
Product Spotlight: Gaia GPS
"The typical handheld GPS unit suffers some notable drawbacks... The folks over at Gaia have worked to bypass these annoyances by creating a great app for your iOS or Android device" (11/23/2015)
Bikepacking Gift Guide
"Turn your smartphone into a navigational wizard. We can’t live without this Gaia, which allows us to download maps and navigate offline."

Blue Ridge Outdoors (10/30/2015)
Peak Gear Awards
"This universal GPS app has become one of the best and most widely trusted maps for iOS"

Oakland Magazine (6/1/2015)
Gais GPS, AllTrails, MapMyHike and Other Apps Make Navigating Easier
"So when you’re out in the wild with no phone service, you can still stay on track."

Apple (2/28/2014)
What's You're Verse
"Ballinger and Harrington use iPad and the Gaia GPS app to plan, navigate and chronicle their ascent. Ballinger and Harrington use Gaia GPS on their iPad to find the exact true summit point and to drop a geotagged pin for the world to see."

Trailrunner (1/9/2014)
Gaia GPS App (Gear of the Year 2013)
"I also often toggle between topo maps and aerial photos. It’s quick and easy to pull up your trip distance, ascent info, speed and altitude profiles, average moving speed and more." (4/26/2013)
Turn Your Mobile Into a Scientific Tricorder with These Real-Life Apps
" you can see where you've been if you're on a trek, for example"

Vermont Overland (2/4/2013)
Vermont Overland Trophy
"The Gaia GPS app will enable the drivers to download road and topo maps in order to “breadcrumb” their route. Each driver’s Gaia track will be checked for completion by Vermont Overland staff each night."

Adventure Nomad (2/1/2013)
MotionX GPS vs Gaia GPS
"For adventure and travel, I'd go with Gaia GPS. The additional maps on Gaia GPS gives users a lot more versatility and accuracy; plus the ease and speed of map downloads over MotionX wins me over. "

Adventure Rider (6/1/2012)
Riding - Layin' Down Tracks
"I often have my 4g iPad with me with offline maps via Gaia GPS. This works as an emergency backup GPS and also a high resolution screen."

NW Hikers (5/1/2012)
GPS Topo Phone App?
"Another happy Gaia GPS user here. Just got back from a week in Utah and used the app pretty extensively."

Ultimate Trekker (4/1/2012)
iPhone Hiking GPS Review - Gaia GPS
"This app is great for taking with you on a hike where you know there will be good service."

Backpacking Light (4/1/2012)
Gear - iPhone 4S GPS App?
"Gaia GPS is so good…that I sold my dedicated GPS."

Hazard Stats (3/1/2012)
Buckskin Gulch
"On the way out I turned on the iphone app Gaia GPS. New favorite app."

White Blaze (3/1/2012)
Android Map Apps
"I really like Gaia GPS for my iPhone."

XDA Developers (3/1/2012)
Best Offline GPS App for Hiking?
"I've used Gaia GPS several times in the past hiking around the Rockies and it's been great."

Technically Personal (3/1/2012)
Top 9 Android Map Apps
"The built-in GPS is a great addition and it makes Gaia GPS a great wilderness navigator. "

Can-AM Forum (2/1/2012)
GPS for Trails... What do you use?
"I use Gaia GPS on a 7" HTC Evo View and it is excellent. "

The National (1/1/2012)
Travel Essentials: iPhone GPS apps
"This app has most of the functions you would expect from a traditional GPS unit."

iPhone Life Magazine (1/1/2012)
Top 5 Biking Apps
"Gaia GPS is a must-have application that any iOS (or Android)-toting bicycling enthusiast needs to bring along for the ride."

Cult of Mac (10/1/2011)
Extreme Sleeve Makes Your iPad Bombproof. Maybe Literally.
"I had loaded topo maps onto the stellar Gaia GPS app"

ReadyMade Magazine (8/1/2011)
Surviving the Unwired Wild: 6 Mobile Offline Apps Make a Smart Phone an Essential Part of a Camper's Tool Kit
"...this app is the most expensive on the list, but it is a small price to pay if you are lost in the woods without cell reception."

Adventure Alan (7/1/2011)
How to use the iPhone 4 as a GPS mapping device for backpacking
"Gaia worked flawlessly, and the OpenStreetMap map content was far superior to our paper maps."

WeightWatchers Magazine (7/1/2011)
Smartphone Apps for the Great Outdoors
"Best backcountry GPS"

ReadyMade Magazine (7/1/2011)
Selected Works: The Living´s Easy
"If you're jonesing for adventure, try TrailBehind." (6/1/2011)
Forum post - Need a smart phone GPS app
"I tried several and Gaia is the most user-friendly."

FOX TappedIn (10/1/2010)
Tapped-In: Gaia GPS for the iPhone
"Gaia GPS can get you where you want to go, no matter where you are." (2/1/2010)
Forum post - Solid iPhone GPS App
"You can save your tracks, save your maps, save your gpx's, etc. It's pretty freaking cool."

O'Reilly (1/1/2010)
Haiti: OSM and Sat Imagery for Free iPhone App
"Jeffrey Johnson worked with a small company, TrailBehind, Inc., to adapt the company's existing offline mapping app, Gaia GPS, to provide offline maps to relief workers."

TouchMyApps (9/1/2009)
Gaia GPS in Review - Finding adventures
"... it clearly beats out other apps which only have a small set of the functionality ..." (4/1/2009)
A Secret Hiking Trail With a View of Area 51
"If you love to hike and want to catch a glimpse of the elusive Area 51 with your binoculars, then you'll want to follow the trails people have posted on new hike-sharing site TrailBehind."