Gaia GPS's Commitment to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Gaia GPS's mission revolves around helping people access the backcountry. We recognize that the outdoors has not historically been welcoming to everyone. We believe wild spaces belong to everyone, and we can and must do more to make the outdoors a more inclusive space.

We’re working to reflect and amplify the diversity of the outdoors at Gaia GPS. This means shaping a space with BIPOC, Queer, Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, and Disabled folks in mind, in our internal company culture, product, marketing content, and partnerships.

We signed the Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge in June 2020 as a commitment to build a specific set of actions for our company to hire and support a diverse workforce and leadership, present representative marketing and advertising, engage and support broadly representative ambassador and athlete teams, and share our experiences with other leading brands.

Here is what we are doing to actively support justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion at our company and in the outdoors:


We shape our hiring practices to eliminate potential bias in the process of screening and interviewing candidates. We use diversity-focused hiring sites and recruiters to find candidates for new jobs. This is a work in progress as we continue to iterate on the interview and hiring process.

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Marketing and Product

We highlight the experiences and achievements of athletes and leaders from under-represented communities across our social media, podcast, and blog articles.

Internally, we’ve spent time discussing developments to the Gaia GPS app and web platform to create a more accessible and engaging product for a wider range of people. Recently, we added the Native Lands map as a free source for the app and website. All users can access this source to learn more about the human history of the places they live and recreate.


We are committed to building sustaining partnerships with organizations that support and create community for BIPOC, Queer, Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, Disabled, and women-led organizations in the outdoors.

We make regular donations in partnership with nonprofit organizations that support under-represented communities getting outside. Donations include working to provide educational resources, as well as monetary and membership donations. Currently, we have worked with and supported:

  • Brown Girls Climb
  • WTF Bikexplorers
  • Native Women's Wilderness
  • Greening Youth Foundation
  • Outdoor Afro
  • Indigenous Women Outdoors
  • LatinX Hikers
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If you are interested in partnering with Gaia GPS but aren’t part of an organization, we also offer an affiliate program for social media influencers.


We have formed an internal committee to guide our JEDI efforts. Committee positions are rotating, so that everyone in the company has the opportunity for sustained engagement in JEDI projects. The committee works with a JEDI consultant to help guide the overarching goals of the JEDI committee and ensure that our meetings, initiatives and results reflect our JEDI goals.

Specific things we have done this quarter:

  • Administered a company culture survey to better understand our internal growth needs. The JEDI committee researched and compared several survey platforms.

  • Researched options for JEDI training for our employees. We will use the internal culture survey to inform the training we choose.

  • Updated our internal handbook to communicate the importance of JEDI and how employees can get involved in JEDI work at Gaia GPS.

  • Created a library of resources for employees to educate themselves on JEDI topics.

  • Made JEDI committee updates part of our weekly company-wide meeting.

  • Implemented regular discussions for the entire staff to engage on JEDI topics.

Join Us

We invite our community to hold us accountable as we embark on this work that will undoubtedly never have a finish line. You can email to ask what we’re up to at any time or check back on this page for updates.