Advisors and Shareholders

The company is grateful for the advice, work, and/or investments from our advisors and other shareholders, including George Grellas, Charles Johnson, Russell Rice, Zachary Brown, Dan Silberman, Kevin Lacker, Abhishek Nath, Steve Schmitt, Savannah Henderson, Timothy Bowen, Kim Rullo, and Joshua Braegger.


The logo, icon, and other art for Gaia GPS were created by Nick Botner.

Maps and Data

OpenStreetMap - Gaia GPS includes many maps that use data from Some of these maps are created by Mapbox, and some by Thunderforest. - Some of the waypoint data on Gaia GPS is provided by

USGS - Topo maps and some of the waypoint data on Gaia GPS is also provided by The United States Geographical Survey (USGS). The USGS maps are created and served by CalTopo.


Kevin Lacker's Kalman Filter - Check out this open source Kalman Filter, written for the original Gaia GPS by Kevin Lacker. You can read more about Kalman Filters on Wikipedia.

Ramer-Douglas-Peuker Algorithm - Gaia GPS implements the Ramer-Douglas-Peucker algorithm. This algorithm removes points that don't matter from GPS tracks, which is important to keep down the size of file exports and to make displaying long lines on the map possible.

Mapping Frameworks - Gaia GPS uses of Maply/WhirlyGlobe, Nutiteq, and leaflet.js. The early versions of Gaia GPS for iOS used the route-me mapping framework.